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Mehndi primarily uses in India, mehndi conjointly called henna, Mehndi or Henna word comes from the Sanskrit Language as “Mendhika”. The utilization of mehndi designs is shown in the earliest Hindu’s ritual books. Moreover, as mehndi is a religious custom.  Usually, Indian mehndi designs consist of painting sun on the palms, hands, and feet. Within the western world, it is called as an application of a short-lived variety of skin decoration, popularized by Indian cinema. Folks in the Asian country, Pakistan & Maldives, and expatriate communities also use Henna. Mehndi designs also became a new cool, where they generally referred it as mehndi tattoos (Henna Tattoos). Mehndi is usually applied throughout Hindu weddings and Hindu festivals like Vat Purnima, Diwali, Bhai Dooj Karva Chauth, and Teej. In many festivals of Hindu, ladies apply Mehndi designs to their hands, wrist, palm and feet. It’s typically drawn on the hand and feet because the look is going to be clearest with the lighter skin on these surfaces.

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Click here for more Mehndi Design Images :

 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 ~ 5 

6 ~ 7 ~ 8 ~ 9 ~ 10

Mehndi designs are originally used as a variety of decoration primarily for Hindu brides. Muslims in Indian also apply Mehndi throughout their festivals like Eid and also in weddings. In the fashionable age and even in the shortage of Mehndi typically people get ready-made-cones they are reliable to use and help to draw mehndi on hands easily. However, in a countryside in India, ladies grind contemporary mehndi leaves on grinding stones with oil that achieves lot intense color in comparison of refined and professionally ready-made henna cones.

These days, mehndi designs are turning into the popular and cool fashion statement in ladies and young girls. Mehndi designs will be found in numerous varieties. Easy designs tend to be done owing to the women want to use mehndi designs. These designs are used for her religious moments. You can place cluster mehndi designs with all the protection for dotted designs and themes that give their elegant view at your entire mehndi style. If you wish to deliver their wonderful sense normally mehndi produces advisable to enhance it with any brilliance couple use. Use of Mehndi has become a new trend, latest designs and new styles introduced this technology, those applying completely different styles in a particular body part.

Mehndi designs take plays a really vital role in enhancing the sweetness and beauty of girls or ladies in keeping with the recent analysis that mehndi designs are becoming extremely popular in Asian countries. Moreover, these mehndi designs embedded in with lovely patterns and stunning floral patterns for hands and feet throughout wedding functions and different special celebrations, ladies would like to apply latest Mehndi styles. Moreover, these mehndi designs applied in numerous fashions in conjunction with skinny lines. In this post, we are going to show latest mehndi styles positive review that these mehndi styles are the proper selection.

There are various types of Mehndi Designs.

Arabic Mehndi Designs

Bridal Mehndi Designs

Simple Mehndi Designs

We believe that these mehndi designs can make each and every girl feel a lot elegant and beautiful. With our final conclusion, we are proud to say that these mehndi styles are very beautiful and ladies will definitely apply these mehndi designs on their hands and feet for creating their personality a lot of tantalizing.  In Asian countries, girls would like to apply trendy mehndi designs on special occasions like religious festivals (In India Karva Chauth), wedding ceremonies and different functions. In Pakistan, trendy mehndi designs fashion getting very famous. Pakistani ladies and young girls apply these trendy mehndi designs on their hands and feet because these are terribly straightforward and exquisite mehndi designs. In a market, anyone can find image books of mehndi designs and apply mehndi on hands. Moreover, these trendy mehndi designs for hands are utterly new and latest. We are completely certain that by applying these trendy mehndi designs for hands and feet each girl look additional lovely and stylish. Let’s waste no longer time and provides a fast look at the newest trendy mehndi styles for hands. Looks of mehndi designs typically contain a vine that will begin from the finger-tip and finish at the end of the wrist, hence, this style is a little knotty and its appearance is neater too. Mehndi designed on palm and stretching it everywhere on hand this is what makes it extremely spectacular and dots are accustomed to providing mehndi pattern additional delicate look.

These styles are exclusively unique with nice choices from untidy styles to least floral. Whether or not you are a bride today or a rolling stone model, housewife or a party animal, take a look at them.

Mehandi designs are a creative way of making your hand and foot look simply awesome. Many young girls, as well as older women all over the world, have taken to this trend of Mehandi designs, especially over the last few years. Henna designs are drawn on hand and foot and on the belly or on back, and for many nowadays, Mehandi designs are something that cannot be foregone. For most, in fact, their application is not complete without henna.

Mehendi designs have been evolved over the years, but one thing is for sure, it is a way of expressing oneself while enhancing the beauty of hands. It has also become increasingly artistic and creative, and many trends have come about too, including adding symbols, flowers and petals. Thin lines, bold lines, as well as a mixture of both and various shades-enhancements, are also very popular. We can safely say that Mehandi designs are now integrated into the world of fashion. Girls all over the world using henna designs as a fashion trend. Mehandi designs can be a way of accessorizing just as you take the time to decide what accessories to wear; many women are considering Mehandi design as an important part of their look. And there is no denying that with beautiful henna designs any women feels more feminine too. It is a way to look good and to feel good. It is also a way to make a fashion statement, and to complement the outfit you are going to be wearing at the time of the wedding.

However, it does not have to be a professional Mehandi designer to do henna designs. You too can give it a try. There are several cute Mehandi designs that you could try which are not that difficult to create. A simple internet search can offer you dozens of beautiful Mehandi designs or some latest henna designs that you could create on yourself or on your friends.

Let us go over some of these easy Mehandi, henna designs to give you some practical ideas. Instead of the traditional Mehandi designs or boring patterns, you can splash more on your hand and get artistic with these henna designs.

For instance, you may be a bit shaky at first, and the dots or lines may not be quite precise. But little practice is sufficient for making perfect henna designs. All you have to do is create Mehandi cone with henna powder and paste, and then start drawing broad and thin lines, petals or dotting with it onto your hands. Try to choose a simple and beautiful Mehandi design that contrasts with your hand and then apply it for a better effect.

Another, rather simple and best Mehandi design is the traditional Indian style henna designs. These are casual and trendy, but quite glamorous at the same time. Start off by applying a dark base coat lines on your hands. Once it has dried up well, start adding light and thin lines over it.  When it dries just use a piece of cotton dipped in a sugar and lemon juice and apply this mixture on your hands and on the part where henna designs are drawn. Repeat this process for 2 to 3 time. You will be amazed at how effective this for darken the result of Mehandi designs!  The secret of creating a great look in this design is to use branded Mehandi cones and squeeze it gently as much as possible when applying the mehndi.

There are several easy patterns you can try out by simply having a few color shade mehndi cone like black, dark orangey shade and with a sharp and small little hole in it. With these, you will have absolutely no problem to create edges for attractive and professional henna designs. All you have to do is to cut a piece of wrapping paper with scissors. Make a paste of Mehandi and create a Mehandi cone and then use it to your hand or on the legs and the final design is very trendy.

Arabic Henna designs are very popular too. And it is actually one of the hardest Mehendi design you could try out. All your need is to draw Arabic henna designs on your hands carefully and peacefully. Here are just a few examples of cute Arabic henna designs you could draw. You do not need expensive tools or expert knowledge – just some creativity and a passion to make your hands look great.

For more information about Mehndi please refer this link:  Mehndi Designs and Mehndi

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