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Nail art designs is referred to the decoration of nails with special material and techniques. The decoration of nails enhances an ordinary nail paint idea with a range of specialized nail stuff. Nail designs are the part of modern age style and appearance. Initially nails art design was developed in Japan. Japanese are the famous nail arts masters in the world for their delicate work.  In the past 10 years, the art of decorating nails is getting more popular. Hollywood stars have made the first move of this nail art design, and now the youngsters are flattering lovers of nail fashion.

In this age of modernism, various makeup tips should be useful for advanced style and appearance. Manicure is also the essential makeup tip for every woman. It is related to filing and shaping the nails. But in current nail art designs consist of painting the nails by drawing images, sculptures, and pictures. Any art gives the pleasing feelings to the artist. Nail art is also a kind of work which gives the pleasing effect on the mind of an artist when the nails appear as a perfect piece of art by an effective course of techniques. Consequently, the nail artists earn their profession with greater satisfaction. Nail art design introduce different designs for nails appearance, we will talk about them later.

Many countries organize different events to give a jump to the nail art design. If anyone wishes to learn this art as a hobby or to be a nail artist, he can join different nail art courses and training under expert nail art professionals.  Although there are some of the nails designs and techniques which can be learned through the internet at home. Many fashion lovers learn the new designing ideas at home and put their nails in the procession with their trendy dress, shoes, and jewels.

How to Do Nail Art

Nail art required skilled hands to create a neat and beautiful design. It needs mastery to use the different material. Nail art includes the use of various colorful paints by using different brushes, stencils, and needles. Moreover, nail art is also created by applying different beads, stones, feathers, and flowers on the nails with the help of glue.

Here is the common approach to any type of nail art:

  1. Give a start by cleaning your nails if there is any old nail paint.
  2. Prepare your nails by filing and trimming.
  3. Always prefer to base coat your nails. The base coat is transparent nail paint which is applied first to do any work on nails. It saves the nails from any damage as well as it helps to apply any paint or material delicately on the nail.

Nail designs is also the advanced idea emerging in this art. The nail is pierced to apply buttons, clips, chain, and precious material. Nail Piercing required an expert approach to making a fine design by painless work.

Types of Nail Art Designs

In this fashion age, every trend carries a variety of creative ideas. The fashion nail designs also carries a bundle of creative ideas to manicure the nails designs. Some of the nail designs are so simple to draw, but some need special learning. Every person chooses the nail design idea of his choice or gets a match to his costume. Some of the nail art designs are explained below.

Acrylic Nail Art Designs

Acrylic nail designs are the type of artificial nails which are created by applying the layer on natural nails by mixing the powder with liquid. Acrylic material is dried. Acrylic nail art design is done by using different ideas like covering the whole nail design or only the tips or to create sculptto extend the nail. Acrylic nail designs are done at home or salons. At home application, it needs perfection to produce a flawless nail art design.

Acrylic Nail Designs are for the ladies who are interested in having longer nails and manicuring all the time. Proper care of acrylic nails design can make acrylic long lasting. Acrylic grew out with the natural nail, so it needs to filled-in with time. Removal of acrylic nail art is also easy as to put your nails for 15 minutes in nail polish remover.

Gel Nail Art Designs

Gel Nails art design is made through the type of paint which is in a form of a gel. It is like the acrylic nail paint in strength, but this is dried under ultraviolet light. Gel nail paint is applied in three steps like an ordinary nail paint; base coat, polish coat, and top coat. Whenever the gel is applied on the nails, nails are put under the UV light to get it dry and harder. Nail paint creates an adhesive bond with the nail bed and appears as a natural nail. Unlike acrylic nails, these nails are less durable but more glowing.

French Nail Art Designs

French nails art & designs is more famous in nails art design. It is a different style of nail designing. The light transparent pink or beige colour is applied over the nail, and the nail tip is done with pure white. With French nails designs, hands appear in a classy look with any type of costume. The French nail design works best for all women of any age and suitable for all kind of occasions.

However, the reverse French nails designs is also the idea generated from French manicure. In reverse French nails technique, ‘the moon’ is made on the bottom side of the nail or the combination of different colours is made in the format of a French nails art.

3-D Nail Art Designs

In this type of nail art designs, different colourful small objects are placed on the nails to give them 3-d effect. Objects are small flowers, stars, dots, happy faces and much more. Nail paint is also applied to the nails and then the objects are glued to the nail by making a perfect combination of colours. In this type of nail designing, you can be more creative with your advanced ideas. For example, if you draw a happy face on your nails with the help of manicure brushes, then adding small black stones on the eyes, it will be your 3-d nail art design.

Latest Easy and Cool Nails Art Designs

Various techniques create the easy nail art designs with the help of a combination of vibrant colours to form the artistic designs. Some simple and easy nail art designs are explained below:

Dotted Nail Art Designs

Dotted nail art is the most simple and easy nail art design. It works best for the beginners. Here are the simple steps for dotted nail art design:

  • Give a basecoat to your nail with a colour of your choice.
  • Take a toothpick and start applying dots on your nail.
  • You can add variety to your designs by applying big and small dots on a single nail.

For polka dots, use pink base colour and white colour for dots. Moreover, choose different colours for dots or use the combination of colours matching to your dress.

Striped Nail Art Designs

Drawing the strips on the nails is also the cool and attractive nail art idea. This is also simple and easy to draw in less time. Following steps will help you to create an attractive stripped design.

  • Polish your nail with the colour of your favourite nail paint.
  • Take a thin nail paint brush and dip in your required nail paint and draw the strips horizontally, vertically or crossed.
  • Strips can also be drawn on the nail to create the chess design.

Christmas Nail Art Designs

Nail designs is the creative activity done by any lady of her interest. On any occasion, girls are more interested in giving a gorgeous look for her appearance in the best form clothes, hairstyles, makeup, and jewellery. Now in the latest trend, the manicure is also most interested and valued art for every woman. At Christmas, ladies are more interested in theappealing look. There are so many ideas available on the internet which is specially designed to create nail art for Christmas. All the designs of Christmas are easy, best and simple to make. Give a look to Christmas nail art designs to celebrate the joy of an event with your exceptional outlook. Few ideas are here for nail art to initiate your thought for Christmas celebration.

  • Draw Santa Claus cap by using the red and white nail paint.
  • Draw Christmas tree by using green, red and nail paint.
  • Paint your nails with different funky colours to express your joy.
  • Draw jingle bells by using deep red and golden shades of nail paint.

Mix and Match Multi Color Nail Art Designs

In this nail art, different colors of nail paint are applied on all nails. Choice of different colors is made according to the colors of the dress. This nail art is made more versatile if add neon shades.

Rainbow Nail Art Designs

Rainbow nail art design is created by using vibrant colors. Dip the brush into the nail paint and draw thick and thin lines to create a rainbow design. To add style, draw lines vertically and horizontally on different nails.

V-Nail Art

This is the easiest nail art design. First, polish the nails with any bright color and let it dry. Then apply nail paint in the form that base color creates V at the tip of the nail. The combination of any of two colors can be made to create the V nail art design.

Some simple and latest nail art designs are explained above which can be made easily at home. Nail art is something more with the thought of any individual. More creative thought creates more ideas. Moreover, beauty salons offer a range of manicure ideas with the variety of nail paints and materials.

For more information about Nail Art Designs Visit : Wikipedia

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