500+ Best Tattoo Designs Ideas For Men & Women

Tattoo Designs Ideas For Men & Women

We see many people who got their skin inked or draw tattoo designs right?

Have you ever thought what’s the purpose, or message behind that tattoo design?

Everyone has his own inspiration to get their skin tattooed. Everyone has his own meanings attached to the tattoo designs so it’s wrong to assume that all the answers will be definite. Instead, you need to think of them as some guidelines.

Speaking of which, we are giving you a brief guide about tattoo designs, ideas, fonts, their meaning and different designs. In simple words, we will try to answer every question you have about tattoo.

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  1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 ~ 5 

 Click here for more Tattoo Designs, Ideas Fonts for Men & Women

The Kind of Tattoos You Want

Chances are you want your tattoo art to reflect your taste, and you love it and keep an eye for things, which will look great on your skin. If you are into tattoo art, then you should try an exhibition or museum. If nature is the deal, you should go hiking or camping. All said and done; you have to follow your passion because sometimes the best idea comes at the least expected moment. You can also look at some tattoo images.

If you are getting your first tattoo design, you should know it takes weeks for a tattoo drawing to heal. Normal activities including water or sun exposure can help your injury to health quickly it usually starts with the peeling, tattooed skin flakes just as sunburn. Whatever you do, make sure you do not pick at the cracked or flaking skin.

Tattoo ideas

Choosing A Meaningful Tattoo Ideas

How can you choose a meaningful tattoo? Every tattoo has its own significance, but we can’t relate to it on a few occasions. Tattoos are a beautiful manner for engaging individuality. However, it can be difficult to choose a unique tattoo designs from the never-ending choices. You can choose a tattoo just because you like it.

  1. Zodiac Symbols, Chinese Horoscope, and Birthstones

Zodiac Symbols also have their toll. These signs can make an ideal suggestion with birthstones as every month has its particular animal and flower. Don’t forget; you can also route the Chinese horoscope by tattooing one of the twelve animals which represent your birth year.

  1. Verse, Scripts, Quotes and Poetry

Verse and lettering tattoos express the sentiments, which define you, you can wear these as a daily affirmation. These are mostly inscribed on inner wrist or forearms. The script tattoos inspired by song, verse, poetry, or even book quotes, these will never fail to describe you. You can find many inspiring examples of such tattoos.

Improve Your Tattoo Design Ideas

1.  Learn How the Design Shifts as Your Body Moves

The areas with elasticity change when the person gains or lose weight. For Example – Ribs, Forearms, etc. There are some areas with more wrinkles as compared to other parts of the body. Wrinkles, Skin Elasticity, and Body movements distort the design when you move. You have to be mindful when it comes to placement. Learn how the different areas of your body relate to each other being getting the tattoo.

  1. Define the Art with Lines

You need to think in masses and define the natures. You will have to use line work to accentuate the areas, which have a lack of contrast to holding the skin. You need to feel from using one thickness line or sculpted lines. Let your style sense dictate you.

For example: – When you are drawing an area with heavy black shadow, you need to consider what the line will accomplish. You need to get a clean edge with shading technique. Think through your line work as it will create a visible different in quality.

  1. Learn about the Shape of Surrounding Frame

When the foreground is marked out, you need to perceive it as one big shape. This shape needs to fit well into the area, which is getting tattooed. You have to use the outer edge of muscles as the frame.  For instance, the shape of the forearm is edgy oval, so don’t put a rectangular or square design there.

  1. Keep It Bright

Like everything else, you need to maintain your tattoo to keep it bright. Sun exposure, sweat, and chemicals in daily products don’t remove the tattoo all at once, but it slowly fades it away. You need to retouch your tattoo repeatedly. Take extra care of its defining lines and colour scheme

Tattoo fonts

There are a lot of options when it comes to Tattoo Calligraphy fonts. Artists have their own scripts that they use. These fonts cover all the basics of the design, but care should be taken, or it will be against the approach. Just like a suit, the problem lies in how it will fit and look on you. Considering that, you have to be careful with the details.

What do you do when you want the suit to fit you perfectly? You go to the tailor, right? The same case is with tattoos; you need to go to the professional to get the job done perfectly.Serif and Sans Serif are the most commonly used fonts.

Tattoo Designs for Men

The tattoo designs for men are supposed to be masculine, and their elements should represent the one’s manhood. While there are not many describable differences among male and female tattoos, both of them remain unique in their own perspective. Tribal, Goth, Celtic or whatever, there is no denying the fact that both genders want to get them inked.

There are three truths about tattoos, these are personas, they will hurt, and they will remain permanent. Taking these into your consideration, it makes sensepick one carefully and see if it represents you and how you feel or not. By saying that, we are not suggesting men do not get Flowers inked. They do, but there will be a hell of adifference as compared to a feminine flower tattoo.

Tattoo designs for women

Tattoos are a form of art when they can be an engraved message when they are carved on a woman. The tattoo designs for women needs to be feminine, strong and unique. The idea of women getting tattoos is not always rebellious; it can be eccentric if she puts it on her skin.

It all changed in the late 1980’s when women actually started to accept tattoos and celebrities were seen sorting these.  Today, most of these tattoos are found attractive, as they are not offensive anymore.  Considering the fact that women are delicately built as compared to men, they have smaller and let’s say pretty tattoos by comparison. Why? Because it’s more feminine. Be advised, feminine doesn’t mean any weaknesses; it means strength, power from within. The tattoo designs for women are less heavy, less aggressive and have thinner lines. This is a rule of the book for tattoo artists. This is how to differentiate male tattoos from their female counterpart.

Types of Tattoo Designs

Tribal Tattoo Design

Today, the Tribal Tattoo is a combination of different styles with modern elements. These are just an expression of an artistic expression, but they do suggest ancient or mythical qualities of the original counterpart.

Tribal Tattoos in additionto their aesthetic appeal, holds too much more. Previously, these Tribal Tattoos were used as a symbolic indication that the person belonged to a tribe to status. I also express spiritual and religious beliefs.  These were referred as Tatau and were used for medicinal purposes and self-protection. Tribal tattoos offered great camouflage in woods. Different types such as Borneo, Maori Moko, Haida and Polynesian tattoos are original tribal tattoos.

Maori Tattoo Design

As said before, Ta-moko tattoos are categorized among tribal tattoos. However, due to their popularity, we are mentioning them separately. The Moko is the name of Maori Tattoo art with its surrounding culture. It’s the skin form art of Maori clan.

The Tattoo is skin art form of Maori. It involves a tradition of scarring and marking skin to reflect the whakapapa of Maori wearer. This is more of a cultural affirmation as all symbols have meanings here.

Butterfly Tattoo Design

No doubt butterflies are a wonder of nature. These lead a short but eventful life, which goes through atough transformation in such a short span. While these remain a symbol of love and spirituality, these can also reflect desire and affection. The butterfly tattoos can be placed on different parts of the body but most popular are afoot, back, shoulder, lower back and upper arm.

Butterfly tattoo usually stand for femininity, connection with nature, love, resurrection and even rebirth.  Dragon Butterfly tattoo, Goth, Combination with flowers and bright colors remain some popular types.

Wolf Tattoo Design

The Wolf, while people may find these tattoos scary and horrifying but wolf tattoo stand for Loyalty, devotion, and family. Although these can portray attributions such as intelligence, compassion, strength, guardianship, luck and even guidance. The majestic animals share a many of human traits and have always shared its place in history and myths.

There was a time these were seen as the instruments of Devil, though they were always appreciated for their strength, ambition and the ability to embark alone. Celtic, Wolf Skill, Sketches, Wolf Eyes, Wolf Paw, Moon Wolf and Tribal Wolf are a few of wolf tattoo famous variations.

Flower Tattoo Design

The meaning of a flower tattoo designs can be different from culture to perspective. It’s hard to keep up with all the bases. The basest of all, it’s a thought for women. With time, the appreciation and meaning of flower tattoo designs grew. Surprisingly, these are common in men as well. Flower tattoo designs mainly stand for beauty, femininity and nature.

Flower tattoo designs are mostly used as symbols for various purposes, which are no different from what the tattoos symbolize.  There are a lot of different variations of these tattoos; a few popular ones are Cherry Blossom, Lotus, Mum, Rose, Orchid, Hibiscus, and Dogwood.

Cross Tattoo Design

The Cross Tattoo designs are extremely popular because of their deep meanings. Cross tattoo design can be paired with their historical cultural important and easy to customize the design.  The meaning is not always only religious; it can be added to the personal touch, but it’s not typical. The Cross Tattoo designs represents Strength, Honour, Death, Life, Goth, Suffering, Atheism and much more.

Speaking of which, it has a wide array of variations, which includes Catholic crosses, Small ones, Celtic, Tribal, Iron, Gothic, Wooden, 3D Cross, Skulls and much more. There is also some upside down variations, and cross tattoo designs are mainly inscribed on theupper arm, chest, neck, and back.

Dragon Tattoo Design

The Dragon derives from a Greek word, which translates to Huge Serpent, and one who sees clearly, it doesn’t come off like steam, but the creature has its ties with cultures all around the world. While these are mostly involved in Asian Culture, they were seen as an evil in European culture. However, this is not all that Dragon Tattoo designs stand for. Instead, they stand in for Wisdom, Strength, Spirit, Prosperity, Desire, Mediation, and Longevity.

Just as other tattoos mentioned, the dragon tattoo designs enjoy their variations. The most famous are Sleeping, Asian, Goth, Snake and Dragon, Celtic, Tribal, Ying Yang, Rising, Tiger, Fairy, Claw, Skull, and others.

Angel Tattoo Design

While the word stands for messenger, the concept has always been intermediary among the spiritual and mortal realm. The concept doesn’t only have its roots in religions but myths and spirituality as well. Angel tattoo designs stands for Hope, Faith, Protection, Innocence, Loss, Defiance, Death, Feature and Perseverance.

Speaking of which, angel tattoo designs enjoy their own variations, which are different from others. To start with, here are a few of these variations. Flying Angel, Fallen, Angel Wings, Tribal, Celtic, Gothic, Guardian Angel and much more.


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