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Delightful Henna Designs

Mehandi Designs to Decorate Your Hands


mehendi Best Mehndi Designs

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mehendi Best Mehndi Designs

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Arabic Mehandi Designs

Mehndi, deeply rooted in history, has always fascinated women across eras with its hand designs.

Historically, women ground mehndi leaves into paste to create simple patterns on their hands.

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mehendi Best Mehndi Designs

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mehendi Best Mehndi Designs

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mehendi Best Mehndi Designs

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mehendi Best Mehndi Designs

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mehendi Best Mehndi Designs

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What is Mehandi Designs

The mehndi is an important thing that has a deep connection with the history because the women of all eras find it fascinating to decorate their hands with Mehandi Designs. In the past, the women were used to grind mehndi leaves to get a thick paste. This paste was applied on the hands by following a few simple patterns.

With the passage of time, the fondness of women is increased with mehndi because there are numerous simple and complex designs to decorate hands and feet. Nowadays, the mehndi is an art and people love to put lots of efforts to make Best Mehandi Designs beautiful and complex.

It is the most versatile and interesting thing for women on every celebration. In different countries of Asia, such as India and Pakistan, the mehndi is a part of wedding culture, but now, it is equally famous in foreign countries.

Mehdi is one of the mostly used trends to decorate your hands and even body. The mehndi tattoos are really famous for girls and women to decorate their back, neck and even arms on different occasions. The mehndi is an important part of weddings not only for the bride but for all girls.

In order to enhance the beauty of mehndi designs, the girls often use glitters and rhinestones. Some designs are really simple, but the Latest Mehndi Designs are really complex and attractive. You can decorate your hands and feet with these designs on different festivals and parties. In the past, the mehndi was only used in Asia, but now it is equally popular in the foreign countries, such as the USA and the UK.

Types of Mehndi Designs

There are different types of mehndi designs used by girls to make their hands and feet beautiful.

1. Indian Mehandi Designs

The Indian mehndi designs are based on flower, complex peacocks, a pitcher, or the sketches of their gods. These designs are really special for the unique curls and curves without any white space between them.

The simple mehndi designs are good to decorate your hands on casual occasions, but on special occasions, you can fill your both hands and feet with special designs. These designs are really famous among brides because they are used to write the name of their husband in the mehndi to let their husband search it. This is an old traditional followed in India.

2. Arabic Mehandi Designs

As compared to the complex Indian designs, these are considered as Simple mehndi designs. These are easy to make because it is really simple to draw flowers, veins, and leaves. These can be easily extended from hand to arm or foot to leg. These are famous for their thick outlines and unfilled patterns.

You can keep the patterns filled or unfilled because simple outlines are enough to decorate your hands. These designs require are easy to follow and you can complete them in less amount of time. If you have less mehndi, then you can try these designs. The Arabic mehndi designs are good for impatient people because these are easy to dry.

3. Pakistani Mehendi Designs

These designs are good because of the blend of Indian and Arabic designs. You can observe an excellent balance of geometric, flower and paisley elements in the latest mehndi designs. These are detailed designs that are considered perfect for brides on their wedding. The simple version of these designs is often worn by girls of all ages on Eid and other festivals.

4. African Mehendi Designs

Just like Arabic mehndi designs, these are unfilled and based on the outline and geometric shapes, squares and dots. The space between he designs will be less than the Arabic mehndi designs, and these designs can cover your selected part just like a mesh.

5. Indo-Arabic Mehandi Designs

The bold and Simple Mehndi Designs are delicately filled to transform traditional Indian and Arabic designs. These are the most famous styles of Indian designs to follow on weddings and other occasions.

6. Floral Mehandi Designs

The Latest Mehndi Designs are based on beautiful flowers because these patterns are easy to design and can be filled with different shades. The floral patterns can be filled with shimmers and glitters on special events. In order to get these designs, the professional mehndi designers are often hired. You can select any pattern to better suit the specialty of a particular occasion.

7. Moroccan Mehendi Designs

These designs are from the Middle East and have geometric shapes, such as flower petals are drawn in geometric patterns. Unlike Simple Mehndi Designs, these look really beautiful and easy to drape with your cone. You can extend these designs to your elbow or wrist.

8. Rajasthani mehandi Designs

The Latest Mehndi Designs are based on complicated patterns of peacocks and flowers. You can design curls between clear space and fine lines are often drawn to cover the hands and fingers. These designs are easy to extend from toes to knees.

You can try any design with the help of colorful stones and glitters. The outlines are often drawn with mehndi and filled with colorful glitters and stones.

Tips to Apply Best Mehndi Designs

The henna gives cooling effects on your skin, and you have to let it dry completely to get a beautiful red color on your hands. Nowadays, you have to be very careful to apply mehndi on your hands because some mehndi cones have chemicals or allergic contents that are sensitive to your skin.

It will be good to check a little amount of henna on your palm and wait for some time before making the Best Mehandi Designs. If you have removed your hair with waxing, then you should wait for one day because your skin pores can be opened and the chemicals of henna may affect your hands. If you are new and want to learn how to apply Arabic Mehendi Designs on your hands and feet, there are some tips for your help:

  • You can select a glass sheet to practice the Latest Mehandi Designs because it is an easy way to learn any design. Select a design and keep it on a hard surface and hold the cone with right or left hand (if you are left-handed) and try squeezing the cone to expel mehndi out.
  • You will hold henna cone just like you hold a pencil and then press a little to draw a design. It will be good to keep a tissue paper with you and if the mehndi is black and hard in the beginning, then squeeze the cone on the tissue to expel all hard mixture and get light colored and soft mixture.
  • Tips will become messy after practicing some Mehendi Designs, so keep a tissue with you to clean the tip after short intervals. In the beginning, your hand will shiver, but with the passage of time, you can be an expert.
  • Keep the Arabic Mehandi Designs in front of you by following your hand position. It will help you to apply henna easily on others hands. You can’t start with fingers because these will be close to you. It will be good to start from the wrist and the followed by the fingers.
  • If you made some mistake, don’t worry and just use a tissue to wipe off the wrong mehndi. Keep practicing on the glass sheet because you can wash it easily for the next use.
  • Start with straight lines, dots, commas, stamen and hearts because these are easy to follow. After this, you can start making petals in the Latest Mehendi Designs. It will help you to learn curves and waves in the designs.
  • If you want to learn Arabic Mehandi Designs, you should learn to apply a big circle because different flowers and designs will be based on a circle.
  • After practicing in the mirror, take a plain sheet of paper and draw your hand on it. Now keep printed design beside your hand and start making a design from the wrist to the thumb. With some practice, you will be able to become an expert to wear Latest Mehendi Designs.
  • If you want to apply mehndi on your own hand without a mirror for the first time, then start with the Simple Mehandi Designs. Try to join different curves and fill lines with strokes to invent your own

If you want to become an expert, practice different Mehendi Designs again and again. With the passage of time, you will learn to draw everything professionally.